Since these cold Michigan days have me thinking about summer, today I am throwing it back to the fourth of July 2015. I am just reminiscing about the heat of the desert in Moab, Utah. Some family and I decided on taking an adventure. We were all living together in a small town in Colorado and decided for the holiday we would just go camping somewhere. After a couple packed towns and parks we decided on going to Canyonlands National Park. We visited the sights on the main roads of the park the first day after the long drive. After that we decided we needed to figure out where to sleep for the night. Well every campsite was full, and I mean EVERY campsite. We ended up pulling off in the middle of the desert where there just happened to be no “No Camping” signs and started to set up camp there. We heard some eerie sounds of possible coyotes and other animals so some of the group ended up sleeping in the car instead of the tent! I guess that’s what we get for staying the middle of nowhere, but that’s the fun of it all right? The next day is what’s got me thinking about the heat. We wandered onto one of the trails off the main roads of the park and walked and walked. We were unsure how long we’d be walking so we made sure to be prepared with snacks and water for us and the dogs. Yes, the dogs. We bring these little Pomeranians everywhere! They love the adventure too. I just think about the small sights we saw on the way to the end of the trail and thinking about how gorgeous it all was, our legs were sore and the sun was beating. It may sound treacherous to some, but these are actually my favorite kind of days. We stopped every couple of miles for our refreshments and kept on going, above is the sight we ended up walking to. It was absolutely amazing and totally worth the day of hiking. It was the kind of sight that has you only thinking in current time and forgetting the rest of the world for a moment. I live for sights like this. Below is a picture of all of us together (left to right: Nathan Paholsky, Brody, Myself, Bonnie, Jerod Paholsky, Felisha Paholsky) in this gorgeous place. I hope it gives you some motivation to get outside when it’s warm and do something different than anything you have done before. I promise it will be worth it.



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