Spread the World

As we get older we realize more and more that life is short and let’s face it, our news feed can be long. You will often see friends and family at gatherings staring at their cell phones checking social media sites instead of actually socializing. Sometimes I will even notice Bonnie or Brody pawing at my hand and they have to be thinking “Why is that so interesting? Play with me!” and then I think to myself “Have I been on here too long?”. The people and pets I see in my daily life should matter much more to me than half of my attention while staring at my phone. We tend to forget the important things with all this social media flourishing around us. We should be focusing more on improving ourselves instead of our selfies. Don’t get me wrong and think that I want you to throw away your phone or delete your social media. Just make sure when you’re there, you’re actually THERE. Listen when others are speaking to you, I mean actually listen, don’t think about something else while they are talking. Feel what they are feeling and be where they are. At the end of the day you’ll want to make sure that all those pins you post on Pinterest you’re actually trying instead of just pinning. Try that new recipe you posted yesterday, make that cute DIY you looked up last week, and try that new workout you keep staring at! Even try to spread the power and get others to do the same, make your best friend try that work out with you, or your mom to cook that recipe with you. Don’t forget there is a world out there to experience and whether you’re scrolling miles or walking miles it will make a difference.


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