Staying Fit During Pregnancy


During my second trimester of pregnancy I’ve had a hard time staying in shape. Working out is slightly more difficult because I have to make sure I am keeping Rosalie (pictured above) and myself safe with my work outs. I used to do lots of crunches, leg lifts and other work outs lying flat on back which of course is not recommended. I also used to spend a day at the skate park or longboard for a night to keep off my extra body fat, but that is something I can no longer do by doctors request. So I’ve had to change it up a little, I started today with a Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy video. At first I was thinking this is way too easy, but by the end I felt my heart pumping without being short of breath which is exactly where my doctor wants me after a workout. I loved how she would stop in-between a change of workouts and remind you to breathe, which sounds silly but when I work out I sometimes forget. I plan to look up more of her videos and try to fit some cardio in each day. Let me know your thoughts or what you have been trying during your pregnancy in the comment link under the title of this post!


6 thoughts on “Staying Fit During Pregnancy

  1. I walked a lot during my pregnancy, and even though by the end I was still a squishy, swollen blob of my former self, after the water weight fell off I can honestly say my legs had never been in better shape. Keeping fit with 24/7 weight on you is not for the light hearted!
    Good luck to you, and definitely let those abs take it easy! My abs are still slightly separated 😦 It’s not worth having more muscular abs, ha.


    1. This is my first pregnancy so I am learning as I go from doctors and fellow mothers like you. I had no idea abs could seperate, I’ll have to look into that and make sure I’m taking it easy enough. I also walk alot, its one of my favorite ways to keep in shape. I should have included that in the post! Thanks for the luck and the great feedback 🙂


      1. It’s called diastasis recti, and fortunately it heals itself pretty easily! If you’re worried, doing a slight crunch can show you whether or not they’re separating (trust me you’ll see it if it’s there!)


  2. I’m so very happy for you during this next chapter in your life Shana. I can’t express how proud I am of the beautiful, successful and adventurous woman you have become. Keep up the great work keeping your body in good shape during pregnancy. It will make a huge difference during labor and delivery. Breanna is right you can get rectus muscle separation. Mostly during last trimester as your uterus/belly grow to the biggest space needed to accommodate baby but as she said this will get better with time. Your continued work outs even after delivering will help speed that up. Don’t over do it as those muscles can be pulled just as any other muscle can. And they are stretching more now and are more venerable.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Try to enjoy it for the beautiful miracle that it is.
    PS I absolutely love her name. Congrats again. Love you doll.


    1. Thanks for extra knowledge on my health, the continued love and support. Im already enjoying it with all these fun martial arts kicks she been trying! Lol, I love that I can feel her moving.


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