Seeking Adventure

Fictional Short Story:

As I pick my head up from my white plush pillow and take a quick glance around to see the rest of the room asleep, I begin to wonder of what we may do when the rest of the house awakens. I think of the previous adventures we’ve had and the raw nature we’ve encountered and wonder if today will be one in the same of those experiences.

After the rest of the family piles out of bed we eventually make our way outside to feel the cold rush of winter over us. I begin to gaze at the small snowflakes rushing to the ground and decide today will be the day I encounter the warm rush of the hot springs.

We begin to make our way through the mountainous terrain at the back of our home, as we come across our first guest. This guest was a curious ball of fur and was quite massive compared to myself. We saw each other from a distance and kept to our routes, however, I couldn’t help thinking what other creatures I may experience along my path. We eventually stop for some water and a snacks before making it along to the last mile of the trail. We stay put for a minute and wander the nature beside us. The mountain is covered in snow and ice and we are taking a moment to enjoy the view to help us forget about the frosty weather. The last minutes of the path were the most treacherous as we’d imagined it would be, since getting to places like this are rare.

Once we get to the springs it was an unimaginable beauty, the kind that is distinctive to every location ruggedly traveled. It started with the perfectly shaped mountains, as if straight from a painter’s canvas. Then were the clear blue skies, with the sun sitting in the perfect spot to keep us warm enough while also enjoying the heat from the hot springs. Every step was completely worth the time we got to spend here. These are the moments of life we live for, the ones we couldn’t have even dreamed about because we didn’t know they existed.


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