Valentine’s Day

From old legends Valentine’s Day was originally honoring many early saints but over time became known as a day of celebrating love for one another. We often encounter gifts scattered throughout stores and people rushing from place to place to find the perfect one. Some may go extravagant with luxury surprises or spend the day together, others may keep it small with a box of chocolates or flowers. As a reminder, do not put all the pressure on giving or receiving gifts, keep it more about the love.

Also, just because this is a day for love does not mean you have to have a significant other. It can be a mom, brother or even a best friend.

It should definitely not be a day to mope, but another day to enjoy. Make cards with your little sister, niece or dad. Go out to dinner with your husband or grandma. Whatever you do make sure your celebrating the love of the day and don’t put much worry on a perfect gift or not having a certain someone to spend it with. This day, just like any other day will be what you make it!


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