Pregnancy & Sex

While being pregnant is a time to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of the baby you both produced some couples find themselves having trouble in the bedroom. I believe it all starts with us, the pregnant one because a man’s sex drive stays about the same while ours diminishes from self-doubt. Let’s face it, when your pregnant you have this big belly and boobs that seem completely unattractive to us but to the guys they just see big boobs and think “awesome”.

Us as women seem to tear ourselves down with what society puts out there every day. People now only post edited pictures, pictures with filters, pictures with a full face of makeup. Where before all the new technology came out, it seemed fine to leave your house without the perfect makeup contour and body shape. Those were more of things that you saw in magazines, not in peers. But still we scroll each night at our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. staring at all these ways to better our look. While I do find it great to that you are consistently putting attention into bettering yourself. Keep it to your standards, not society’s. While you’re pregnant you’re not going to have your dream body, so let’s toss that out right here. Let’s instead take some cute pregnancy photos, or look up a great pregnancy body to aim for instead of a model’s size 2.

I know I seem to be getting off the topic of sex. But as I said before, it starts with us the pregnant one. I believe the reason sex becomes a problem is because of what we think of ourselves or what we think our partner thinks of us instead of what they actually think. Sex is supposed to be fun, don’t feel pressured to make it perfect every time. Sometimes it may be difficult when you have to stop and find the right position because the baby moved or what you tried before is now uncomfortable. We just have to find what works and continue on. Let’s not forget, it’s sex, it’s supposed to be fun and unpredictable! Feel free to comment with what worked or didn’t work for you with the link under the title of this post.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy & Sex

  1. Position changes half way through, that is definitely a thing for me! Personally I don’t really care how my body changes, I figure there is a baby growing in there, which he helped create, if he doesn’t like it, too bad for him!

    For me, it’s more about the fact that sex hurts or I am battling thrush or that a session can’t go for long because I will need to go to the bathroom half way through. I loved sex before pregnancy and until recently, we were intimate fairly often. But now, I am conscience of sore inner muscles, PH changes, and cramps, all of which I don’t really want hubby to know about, every time I notice them. Makes me feel like I am complaining about being pregnant.

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    1. I agree, position changes are a great addition and he should not mind how your body looks from something you created together. I also can totally relate with not wanting your hubby to know about every little thing that aches or changes. Theres so many things that can happen a day it would feel like complaining. I just keep it to the necessary comments and exciting changes, like the kicks!


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