A Forest of Daydreams

Fictional Short Story:

As I sit in class and daydream of roaring waterfalls and crisp green forests I begin to be interrupted by the teacher. He asks me a question but my mind is elsewhere and I throw him and the rest of the class a blank stare. As he catches on I wasn’t listening he inquires to the student next to me. I decide he won’t pick me to answer again so my mind again slides off into another world. I picture myself venturing through the woods making it with the very least but loving each moment. I do have someone with me of course, no one in particular in my daydream but someone to keep company and enjoy these experiences with. I begin to walk myself through my own fantasy of the nature I would discover.

As I make my way through the dense woodlands I stop midway to take in a scene of three hills filled with pines in dense fog. I take a moment to just stare and hydrate before making the rest of my way through. My body feels heavy but inspired from my days’ work. We finally stop to build and warm ourselves by a fire then begin to share stories and drinks. As we decide the darkness is filling up the sky we start to put together the tent we brought and huddle in our sleeping bags. Throughout the night we hear noises, noises of nature and signs of other living things. I can’t help but to think how disturbing this would be for others but how comforting it is to me. I lay back and enjoy the sounds as they put me to sleep.

I open my tent in the morning and I am surprised by the sight we choose to stop at and think how much more beautiful the morning air makes the scene. I start to stride towards the end of the hill where we stayed that night and stare over the edge. It is there a see a beautiful roaring waterfall and in this heat I think to myself how much I can’t wait to make my way there to cool off. As we eat our breakfast and gather the other equipment we are also planning our route for the day. Just as we are discussing making our end towards the falls I am interrupted again by the teacher. It is then decide I will finish this daydream later.


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