Get Out There!

For those of you who are unaware the weather tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful in Detroit, Michigan. It’ll be a day to get outside! Exploring nature is said to give you a freeing type of feeling, clear your mind and keep you fit. I highly recommend taking advantage of days like these if you’re able to. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the weather from small to large and there are some wonderful options our area has to offer.

Paint Creek Trail in Rochester, Michigan is great for starters who would like to walk, run or even bike. The trail runs about 9 miles but is broken down into parts so you can make it a shorter length if you’d like. It is an easy rated flat dirt trail with a significant rate of encountering wildlife. The pictures above are from Paint Creek Trail, they can give you a small idea of what you may see while you’re there. You can visit their website for further details and parking at Paint Creek Trail.

Another favorite of mine around here is Lower Huron Metropark which offers a variety of activities from picnicking and hiking to basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. The Metropark is located along the Huron River which flows throughout the park. My favorite trail here starts at the Cedar Hill Picnic area parking lot, it is a small dirt trail next to the river in the forest. There is a daily fee here of $10 per vehicle. The website is Lower Huron Metropark.

We can also take advantage of the well-known Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township, Michigan. Which also has a variety of activities available from boating, fishing, biking, baseball diamonds and volleyball nets. Stony Creek also has a small nature center and up to 5 miles of maintained trails or 13 miles of non-labeled trails. They have an array of terrain from wetlands to forests to wander. The daily fee is $10 per vehicle. The website is Stony Creek Metropark.

If you have any details you’d like to include about these spots or if there’s others you’d like to add please comment them with the link below the title of this post. I’m always looking for new places to share and explore!


4 thoughts on “Get Out There!

  1. Don’t forget to include Bald Mountain Recreation area. 4,637 acres with several lakes and well marked trails for hiking or biking. Paint Creek Trail runs through it also at Clarkston and Kern Roads. Michigan State Park sticker required. Great article. You may like to follow a friend of mine who is also a naturalist/freelance nature writer, Jonathan Schecther. Btw great article 🙂

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