Travel Tips for Dreamers

Hint: If you are the type to make a detailed Itinerary, stay at 5 star hotels only or only fly first class these tips are not for you. These are for the open minded, go-with-the-flow type.

I wanted to write about this particular subject because before I started traveling I thought it was an out of my league type of cost. I have also had people ask me about the expenses that I accrued, and they aren’t as much as you’d expect with these tips.

  1. Make a bucket list of places you want to go. Many people post pictures or blogs on Pinterest about neat places they have visited. I will often go on there for new ideas or to look for places in the area of somewhere I’m already going so I can stop there too. I recommend doing this with a friend(s) that have the same interests as you. This is important to talk about when putting your list together because you don’t want to miss out on something you’ve been waiting for because the other person isn’t up to it once your there. Another plus when traveling with friends is splitting the cost. If you are planning a road trip you can share the cost for gas, food, or even a hotel which makes things cheaper.
  2. Sign up for emails with Spirit Airlines or any of your favorite airlines. Signing up for the email coupons are free, but they also have a $9 fare club as well which offer even cheaper flights and other benefits. They will send you emails for when they are running specials or having sales on certain locations. The reason I recommend Spirit is because they are the cheapest I’ve seen for domestic flights. Just a heads up before booking, some airlines will include a carry on but Spirit does not. Spirit’s rates include “The Bare Fare” which is 1 personal item (not carry on size) this would include a large purse or backpack (16”x 14”x 12”). For carry on or other baggage they do have fees which will sometimes be more than the actual flight. I often see one-way flights for about $34 dollars or round trips for $70 to pretty much anywhere in the U.S. These are through the specials they send to my email and they are normally only certain dates you can fly there and fly back so keep that in mind.
  3. As for hotels, if you are using one (camping is cheaper if you are going on more of a nature trip) I would recommend shopping around for prices online and purchasing before you go. The closer it is to the date, the more expensive they seem to be. I would also recommend not shopping around directly in the city. Suburbs are normally close, much cheaper and you’ll get more room for your money. In MOST places. I have come across where the city prices are not so bad.
  4. If you are worried about getting around (if you aren’t driving to your destination), instead of renting a car I would suggest using Uber. Uber is like a taxi service if you haven’t used it before you can download the Uber app and it will walk you through the process. Check before you go if Uber is offered in that area but they are offered in most cities I’ve been to. They also seem to be cheaper than renting because most of the time while traveling you are not going from one place to another constantly, you are most likely stopping in one place to wander. So instead of paying for the car itself, gas and parking you can just pay for the ride.
  5. Just plan it and go, it may not be the perfect time or go ideally as planned but time goes by fast and working towards your dreams is important.

I hope this helps you to start crossing off those things on your bucket list! If you have any questions, something to add on these points or something new please feel free to comment with the link under the title of this post.


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