Best Day Ever

This one is for you, Maria 😉

I wake up one morning scrolling through my Instagram and I am ecstatic to see Mac Miller is going on his GO:OD AM tour! I immediately text my best friend Heather and decide we have to see him, not in our hometown but his. Not only because I love road trips but also because that will be the best show. As the show is coming closer we decide more people are completely necessary to make this unforgettable, not just any two people but Kerri and Maria. This group of girls was the perfect team #4girls. Pictured below left to right (Myself, Maria, Kerri, Heather)


As we travel from Detroit to Pittsburgh we belt out in our best singing voices, the best current and old hits from every genre of music available. As we are getting closer to Pittsburgh we were not prepared for the breathtaking views it had to offer. It is really a beautiful place. We make our first stop at Daily Bread to pick up some Mac Miller gear for the concert, later in the story you will see how this made us stand out drastically. There was talk he would be stopping by the store so we stayed for a while to see if we could meet this cool guy. As we stood there waiting I was getting more and more nervous to meet him. It was taking a while and we still had a few things to do before the concert so we head out. Of course he ends up stopping at Daily Bread shortly after we leave. Instead of getting discourage we would never meet him, we took that as more motivation that we HAD to meet him.

We make our way to the hotel then eventually to the concert. The line was extremely long outside of Stage AE, wrapping around the block. We assumed this would take forever and we’d be missing the whole concert, but instead it went by pretty quick and we were in. We stopped for drinks and made our way to the front of the stage. Our space on the floor began to shrink and shrink because of the sold out venue packing up. Instead of getting frustrated we made friends with everyone next to us and enjoyed the amazing concert he put on. Towards the end we notice Maria has gone missing and we all check our phones. Sure enough she somehow made it backstage talking to one of the guys we met earlier that day. We are all beyond surprised and shortly before the concert ends we all end up back there. Since it was in his hometown the backstage was filled with friends and family members. They were all so friendly and happy to introduce us around! As they are going around with introductions they mention to act “cool and casual” like we were meant to be back there. That’s when we notice they are all dressed up and we are all wearing shirts with a giant photo of Mac Miller’s face. So blend, we did not. Lol.

The concert comes to and end and Mac makes his way in, as one family member pushes me to go say “Hi” I am beyond nervous and can’t say a word. I am a very big fan and was pretty star struck when he was right there. I get overwhelmed and head to the bathroom just to get some air, which is hilarious because that’s exactly where Heather and Kerri were already. We kind of freak out together for a minute of how cool this was and sneak back in. As some of his friends are rap battling I am standing there next to him taking some videos (posted below) and getting much more comfortable. After the battles are over everyone is talking about where to head for the rest of the night and Mac is making his rounds to everyone. He passes by us and we overwhelm him with questions trying to grab his attention. He unexpectedly thinks it’s funny so he makes a joke and takes some photos with us.

Now this was pretty much the “Best day ever” ;P. If you have ever met him, feel free to comment your story with the link under the title of this post.



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