Memories by the Fire

 The crackling sounds of a well-kept fire keep me warm as I sit by one once again. I stare into the fire and gaze at the warm colors of heat. As I sit I think of all the great memories I’ve had sitting by one. The smell of bonfire that can sit on your clothes for days, most may be trying to get rid of the smell while I am just taking it all in. The scent itself brings back the memories of the times with friends, the times with family and the times with both. The times we’ve spent of the all varieties come to mind. We’ve shared graduations, anniversaries, birthday parties from large to small and we’ve had gatherings for no reason at all.

We’ve had times through our lives we’d go camping almost annually. There were times we’d play games as simple as beer pong to ones we’ve made up after the alcohol had sat. As it sat our minds would wander, we’d think of the stories we have shared with one another to the ones we’ve experienced only on our own. We would hear stories of the bad ideas that had turned into the best of times, and those are the greatest stories to hear. Of course as you listen you remember hearing them at least once before, but they get more and more detail and ever changing as you hear them.

There are the stories from my dad I love to hear over and over again. The times he’s enjoyed and the memories he re-lives as he explains them. The ones from my best friend that seem to get better the more often we tell them, the ones with the details we remember so well, it’s like were there as were explaining them. And the ones we’ve all shared of our memories of the times we were all together.

The fire burns as one adds more wood and were all in our heads thanking him for keeping us warm and being able to enjoy this for another short while. As we sit there we hope of more memories to come, more stories to share, and more time spent just like this.


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