Start the Week Right!

So as we all know the warm weather is coming! Even though here in Michigan that seems a little questionable with the snowy weather from last week but it’s time to start catching up on ourselves. Not only to look great, but to feel great! Some are in the gym all year, which is awesome but most of us take this snowy weather as a time to hibernate in our homes unless we absolutely HAVE to go out in the cold. Here are some tips to get your week started in a positive direction.

Depending on your time availability and your motivation scale you can do one or all of the following things but keep in mind, every little bit helps. It can be as easy as getting a gym membership started or start using the one you’re already paying for but there’s also ways for the ones who aren’t into the gym scene. I’m more of an at home “worker outter” myself (we’ll pretend that’s a phrase) and this is mostly because I can work out whenever it’s convenient for me. I don’t have to worry about gym hours, running into people I don’t want to see or as simple as not having to leave the house to sweat. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take an occasional class to keep things moving but I like to keep motivational things around the house such as a kickboxing gear. You can get punching bags, hand wraps and boxing gloves at places like Amazon or Ebay. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be fit with a membership or kicking boxing gear. I have an elliptical we purchased recently, we got it on Craigslist for about $150 and I have seen people giving away things for free on Craigslist such as treadmills or ellipticals simply because they don’t use it or no longer have room, so you can always start there. I also like to keep a yoga mat (I have all wood floors) for stretching and smaller workouts such as push-ups, crunches, sit-ups or leg lifts (which I have altered recently for the pregnancy but if you are not pregnant I highly recommend this). It also helps to have a foam roller or a ball to put under your back for more extension for sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts. You can get a yoga mat, foam roller or ball all at Five Below or Marshalls for under $10 each. Also if you’re not into actually working out and you’d rather be active to get a workout now would be the best time to start.

Today for example is beautiful out this morning and could be a great day to walk the dogs, hangout with the kids at the park or even wander a new place. There’s plenty of places to wander if you’re in the Metro Detroit area, you can check out an older post called “Get Out There!” and a couple to add would be Downtown Detroit (Hart Plaza/Campus Martius area) and Red Oaks Nature Center (on 13 mile between Dequindre and John R).

Like I said previously, every little bit helps. You don’t have to have the perfect tummy or legs tomorrow, but if you start today one days tomorrow will be the perfect tummy or legs. If you have other suggestions on where to wander or workouts/equipment to try please comment them with the link under the title of this post.



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