Be Social

I have always been intrigued by 1920’s Paris. It started a while back in elementary school when we would learn about artists of all forms from that generation such as Hemingway, Picasso, etc. Then began on further after seeing Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson and grew more and more as I read The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain.

What moves me the most is the free living spirit that generation seemed to have. As I watched Midnight in Paris and read The Paris Wife I noticed that most of the famous artists are portrayed to cling to each other, they talked to many people but they were all connected in some way. That generation also seemed to live quite differently than we do now, in a socialable way. The artists I have learned about seemed to enjoy meeting what were once strangers and becoming great friends. They were all about real interaction with many people, they would hang out in town just hoping to run into one another. They all found out what they wanted to do with their lives and made the necessary changes to get there and just enjoyed the rest of what was to come.

The difference I see now is major, most people nowadays will purposely avoiding going to a place just because they know the person working there or someone who might hangout there a lot. I blame mostly social media for making us this way. I feel like it has brought anxiety and awkwardness where there shouldn’t be any. Instead of catching up with an old friend when you run into them, it’s mostly complicated to even hold a conversation because you have watched everything they have done since high school on social media. So it’s almost like do I ask what I already know? Or sound like a creep when asking how their last vacation in Cabo went? So the small talk might be weird, but we can overcome that simply by bringing up the social media. Such as “How have you been? I saw on Facebook you just got a new job at the office you were hoping for, how is that going?” Simply because, let face it, it’s not going anywhere. And don’t get me wrong I am not against social media whatsoever, people make a living off of it, have been reunited with lost family/friends, I hold multiple accounts myself and couldn’t have this blog running if it were not around.

My point is social media will continue to grow with all the years to come but don’t lean on that as your only place to be social. Real interaction is healthy and more uplifting then scrolling to learn about what’s happening in another one’s life. Become acquaintances with the person next to you in line, or sitting in the waiting room with you. Sparking a small conversation could cheer up anyone’s day! Also the more you converse with others, the more natural it will become and the older you get the more you will enjoy it.



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