The Experience Together

We start proudly stomping throughout the trails thinking we are overly prepared with water and food. We wander throughout the forbidden parts of the forest and rock. We find ourselves in a state of humbleness and greatful joy for getting to experience a time like this together. We share our thoughts of the pearly blue green waters and how refreshing it would be to jump right in. We explore the rivers available crossings through trees and rock. Just as we are in the midst of enjoying every moment of this opportunity, we come across the map. The map of all the news we are not looking to hear but are greatful all as well. We learn the path is lengthier and built to make us stronger than we were before we arrived, mentally and physically. The path is more treacherous than planned, more steep and much muddier with each step. This experience was designed for us, for us to grow with laughter together as we master our way through it. 

Our muscles start to feel heavy, our water bottles drained and our food source low. We came more unprepared than we orinally planned. It was a path we took with our bodies and not planned with our minds. We were in for whatever had come our way and we were determined to make it until the end. The more our calfs burned and back ached, the more we grew closer to one another and the more we would take in each piece of nature surrounding us. From the twisted roots of trees, the trees growing from rocks, to the massive amounts of water crashing into the ponds below from the waterfalls. 

That day we each grew weaker but stronger all in the same and all at once. We found that we were capable of putting our bodies through this together. Something that was improvised and played by ear, going with each flow of one another. And together we learned that day that we could accomplish anything together no matter how much it drained our bodies and minds. Together we made it to the unforseen end of something we never knew we were capable of before. 


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