Pregnancy Tips from a New Mom


I was worried about registering from the moment that the baby shower plans crossed my path. The reason I was worried is because as a new mom I am unsure as to what the baby may need. I put it off for days after days but then finally made a plan to go a weekend the father could come with me. I almost backed out because I was so confused before I even got there so we decided to invite the godmother for additional help. We ended up going to Buy Buy Baby on Hall Road in Shelby Township. At first we checked out the store to make sure this was the place we wanted to register most of our things. We decided it was the place after finding many great things there. I stepped up to the desk to have one of the ladies sitting down sign me up to register, they walked me through everything and gave me checklists which are great! (I will post these below) During registering there were plenty of employees there to help with all my questions and it also helped having the father and godmother there to help decide on some things. It turned out not being as hard as I thought, and it was a great weight lifted off my shoulders. If you’re a new mom putting off registering because you’re lost, my only recommendation is just go! Once your there it’s almost like the rest comes natural.



There are plenty of articles out there how stress can harm your baby due to rising blood pressure and things like that. For consistent or harmful stress I would recommend talking to your doctor. Here I will just be talking about the small stresses. Stress that I have come across while pregnant have been mostly dealing with my growing body and emotional changes.

For my growing body, which is an obvious thing that will happen to us all when pregnant, I recommend staying active. I know sometimes this is hard with being sick, feeling achy, or none of your clothes feeling comfortable. But I have noticed when I am moving and getting out of the house I am actually feeling the best. When being pregnant we will all have our different ways of staying active. This could be going for a simple store visit and exploring some extra parts of the store just to get some steps in or this could mean going out for a bike ride.

For the emotion changes, I have been dealing with this by trying to be more relaxed about things. This is sometimes hard because when you are pregnant, it goes by so fast and there are so many things running through your mind, but it is possible. If I notice myself overreacting to a situation I make sure I am apologizing and making things right. Also if I can feel myself about to overreact beforehand I will try to walk away and think for a moment if this is the best way to handle the situation, or how could I make the best outcome of this situation.

Aches and Pains

For this aches and pains, this one has been simple for the most part I recommend warm baths. Now I know there are some things saying women that are pregnant should not take baths but from my doctor it is perfectly fine. The only rules with this are making sure the water is not too hot, they recommend under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I know we don’t always have a temperature gauge in our bathtub, so if you have to inch yourself into the water or your skin that’s touching the water is turning red, it’s too hot! Also with baths unlike Jacuzzi’s the temperature will cool as you sit in there, it will not stay warm. When the water stays warm that will raise your body temperature and make it harmful to the baby. The warm water seems to relax my muscles and aches elsewhere as well as calm my tummy when I am feeling sick. I also recommend stretching when you are feeling up to it, just light stretches seem to help as well.


With diet, my biggest recommendation is not overeating. When I am trying to eat every last bit on my plate or going back for seconds or thirds I tend to just feel uncomfortable. I try to eat more frequent meals and snacks instead of packing it in all at once. I also try to not overindulge which has been easy this pregnancy because my baby is not fond of sweets at all.

If you have any additional comments or helpful hints you have done during your pregnancy please share them in the comments!



One thought on “Pregnancy Tips from a New Mom

  1. Hi Shana I really love these tips 🙂
    I have also created a blog which includes some great pregnancy tips that I thought you might be interested in 🙂

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    – D.W


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