Rainy Day Reminders

I stare out the window hearing each drop of rain as it hits the glass, the sounds remind me of a time of simplicity and creativity. It reminds me of the days when I was a child. The days were always so long and eventful, each thing that was done was filled with our imagination. We would create new rules of games to see what worked, what was fun and what didn’t make sense. The rainy days inside as kids were always dreaded but always turned out strengthening our bond with the other kids or person we were with. From building forts with blankets and pillows pretending they were giant castles to playing hide and seek until there were no more places to hide our creativity grew stronger.

The droplets also remind me of splashing in puddles dressed in rain gear and enjoying each splash that we now avoid as adults. The water seemed to make us happy and brighten our days. The weather could not take us down. We would stick our tongues out hoping to catch every drop as we try to stare into to the sky only to find out it was nearly impossible to keep our eyes open.

The rain then brings me to the times I am able to relax and savor the moments as it pours. It brings me to the time I am sitting with my family on the porch just listening to the sounds fall onto the awning. The time I learned to tie my shoes it was on the porch when it was pouring rain. I tried and tried, failing over and over until I finally accomplished what I was trying so hard to do. After that I needed to show every person I saw for the rest of that day.

The rain seems to bring me an uplifting feeling, a feeling of relaxation. A feeling of a great time, a great experience, and a great nap.

Where does the rain take you?



One thought on “Rainy Day Reminders

  1. Rain takes me to an another world, I love having hot chocolate in rain. But when it’s raining I’m the happiest in my family. It reminds me of when I was a kid dancing in the rain, it was always fun and exciting. Hope I’ll be able to do that again.

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