Love for Books

  I find myself traveling from bookstore to bookstore big and small, running my fingers over the covers of books wondering of each story inside. I admire the details such as the texture of each cover, the feel of the pages and the place each cover brings me to. I start to read the signs and am maneuvered to all the interesting places in the store. I find myself always admiring Ernest Hemingway specifically and reading the backs of his books over and over. My imagination can’t help but wonder where his mind was while writing these books. All the places he went and where his nights brought him. The lovers he had and the places he’s lived. The experiences he went through, the moments he loved and the people he lost. His mind intrigues me because of the writing that comes out of it. My world gets lost for a moment while I am reading his books. I begin to wander other places in the bookstore as well trying to find more authors or more books that bring me to a place like this. These feelings are what makes me love reading so much, getting lost in a book gives my mind a refreshed feeling. Books get me focused on the character personalities, thoughts and features. Sometimes a writer will use a certain wording or writing technique that I will read it over and over again and just idolize for a moment. Each time I even pull in the parking lot, I get the feeling of a child pulling into a Toy’s R Us, all giddy and excited. I love finishing a book so I can look for a new one. You could say reading as well and finding something new to read are some of my greatest hobbies. What are yours? Use the comment link under the title of this post to share with me!


2 thoughts on “Love for Books

  1. I know the feeling. Growing up I used to love going to the library and checking out as many books as I could. Participating in summer reading programs and just reading for hours. Reading is such a wonderful gift. My youngest is in Kindergarten and now reading. I am so joyful for her as she unlocks the mystery of print and see her so excited when she can sound out new words! I haven’t been able to read actual books as much but I have now been able to catch up on reading via audiobooks. I have been “reading” so much more these days and am grateful for a great read (or listen) to whisk me away.

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