The Old Man and the Sea Book Review

After reading The Paris Wife about Ernest Hemingway’s wife I had an interest in reading his stories as well. Mainly to see what he was working on or his thoughts on the other end of the story. With that said I stopped by a local store and picked up The Old Man and The Sea. The book is short, about 127 pages, so the review will be quite short as well.

The story starts out describing the old man and the boy who he taught to fish. He wants the boy to fish with him but the boy is on a “lucky boat” that catches fish often and the man has gone 84 days with no fish so his parents forbid him to go with the old man. The man goes out to sea alone, but wishes again and again he brought the boy when he hooks a very large fish he has trouble catching on his own. The fish drags him far out to sea before the man is able to turn the boat around, so he is gone for a few days. He tries to keep his mind straight but with little water and only the food he catches, he has trouble. On his way back home he deals with many sharks from the bleeding fish, which wear him to the bone. I don’t want to give away the ending so to find out if he ever makes it back or if he makes it back to with the fish, you’ll have to read for yourself–>The Old Man and The Sea

I did enjoy the main story of this book and the descriptive words Hemingway used to describe every little thing. However, it is very repetitive. It is about an old man lost at sea alone and trying to stay sane, but it was almost too repetitive for me. I found myself just scanning some pages because I felt as if I already read it on the page before.

Please comment your thoughts if you have read the story or are interested in reading the story, using the link under the title of this post 🙂


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