The Results Are In!


The previous poll results have shown that most of my viewers “Love love love” marijuana, so I thought I would make a post regarding its growth. For my local readers of Hazel Park specifically, if you don’t already know, decriminalize marijuana use and possession as long as it is under 1 ounce, on private property and the person is 21. For this you do not need a medical card. By state law it is illegal unless you have a medical card, and federal law it is still illegal.

For the rest of my U.S. readers, the states are growing that have legalized marijuana where it is free to use medically and recreationally. Some states are medical use only, some are completely legal and some are completely illegal. Here is a map to see for your state (may vary per city)–>MAP

As for the other countries, I apologize. I am not aware of the legalities or growth. Feel free to share them in the comment section under the title of this post.

Main uses for medical marijuana are pain from headaches, cancer and nerve pain such as glaucoma.

For the growth in general, you can now find that marijuana or cannabis oil has helped with seizures in children, specifically for Charlotte in Colorado. I have also seen plenty of articles, as well as seeing it first hand, where it has helped with epilepsy in dogs as well!

This is strictly an informational article, I am not telling you to use marijuana or that it is good or bad. For risks and limits or other questions please see WebMD and/or your doctor. Feel free to share your thoughts/opinions by using the comment link under the title of this post.


2 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. As far as I know it is still illegal in India. Possession is not such a big thing here though, but supplying and distributing is a very big issue. If anyone ever gets caught the repercussions are pretty massive, but as always it can be dealt with certainly not legally but you can pay them off. The amount they ask for is totally dependent on what kind of a mood they are in. And you certainly can’t do anything in this situation except paying up. The amount someone pays can range from 6000₹ to 10000₹ that is somewhere between 300$-600$. That’s about it from our country. Cheers!

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