Vegas Love

Fictional Short Story:

I woke up slightly lost, I could not remember the night before. “Too much drinking, but who doesn’t drink on their 21st birthday?” I thought to myself. I try to find the way onto my feet but I couldn’t seem to stand just yet. There was a fog taking over my brain. It was then I saw the water sitting next to me, as I prepare for a big gulp I realize this is not water. “Yuck!” It was vodka. “Of course that would happen” I thought. As I lie there a few more moments, I gather the strength to stand. My head pounding as I lean forward, I look around and know that I am in a hotel room in Vegas. I remember that I came here with my friends, we went to dinner and then… Nothing after that. A few flashes of random people and conversations come to mind but nothing significant. I look around to see 2 of my friends still asleep and head toward the kitchen. I grab a bottle of water and drink the whole thing. Then I decide I need to get some food, as I yell for my friends I get a few motions and they both roll over but don’t get up. I quickly throw myself together and head downstairs to see if there is breakfast.

As I walk down to the lobby, I am greeted by someone I must have met last night. He says “Hey Emily! I hope you slept better than I did.” With my mind too sleepy to get my thoughts together I just smiled and nodded. As we are standing in line he tries to keep a conversation up but I’m still confused as to how I even know this man, so I quietly gather my food, smile and nod when needed to keep him happy. I eat the food on my plate quickly, tell him “I’m in a hurry” and head back to the room with coffee for Vanessa, Zoey and myself.

When I walk in the girls are sitting up in their beds talking about the night before as I blurt out “I’m glad you guys remember it”. They both laugh and don’t believe me when I say this. As they are talking I am drinking my coffee with my head in the paper I found on the nightstand. They keep mentioning a boy, Chris and his friend Andrew.

Apparently these men were some well-dressed poker players we me met at dinner. We then followed them to the Casino nearby, except when we walked in, they didn’t play at the regular tables. We walked down into a basement, through a kitchen and past the security center into a large quiet room with a large oval shaped table in the middle. It was there they introduced us to some other bystanders and showed us to the bar with some drinks before they started to play.

The memories started flowing back as I was reminded of them. We shortly realized just by the way these people talked and carried themselves that we were not in a, what would you call it, a safe place. There were men dressed in security outfits with sunglasses and guns. The money they were betting was more than I would make in 20 years at my job. We felt slightly uncomfortable. We were enjoying the drinks and people for what seemed like hours, mainly because we were scared to leave. It sounds silly but this was not the type of place you wanted to stand out in, and no one was leaving. We were already pretty wasted from dinner so the conversations were pretty amusing to say the least. We had to play ourselves up to fit in here, so we were having fun making up our stories as we went along.

Then we heard a loud boom and commotion coming from the security center. Everyone looked alarmed and the two men we came with quickly got up, grabbed us and headed towards another way out. The five of us we walking through some dark hallways with exposed pipes and water dripping. It all happened so fast and we were genuinely scared as to what was happening for the simple fact that we were all so out of our element. My mind was racing, a week ago I was sitting at work thinking of what I could do for my 21st birthday, and it just so happened I received my taxes back that previous day and decided to do something awesome and come here. Which is crazy for me because I normally am working and sleeping most of my day’s away, making minimum wage at a small office in town. And now I am running through the back of a casino in Vegas with my 2 best friends and 2 strangers that we met a few hours ago, that we are pretty sure were millionaires.

Finally we get up to the casino floor, out the door and into a black SUV with black windows, and a driver that speeds off. Fast enough to get going but not too fast to look suspicious. Zoey, the courageous one, finally gets a word out and asks “What just happened down there?” Andrew calmly says “It happens sometimes, we bet a high and we win big. That will bring you enemies in this town.” Zoey says with her eyes large “So the loud bang, those people were after you?” Andrew says back “Not necessarily just us, the table of people we were playing with in general. Some stay to work things out, but Chris and I have been through it before and since we own the casino they normally come straight for us.” It’s then Vanessa, Zoey and I all look at each other thinking of how they failed to mention they owned the place. And this was just the beginning of the night. We then stopped with them at their home, not something we would normally do. But they assured us that we would be safer if we hung out there for a little while.

Well a little while turned into a long while, people after people started showing up at their penthouse. Before an hour goes by there are close to 200 people there, some half naked in the pool, some doing some kinds of drugs I have never even heard of and some just standing around the place gossiping and swaying to the music that was on. I was pretty much on my own for the night considering Zoey and Andrew really favored each other and Vanessa was nowhere to be found. Not in scary way, because she was always disappearing then reappearing. And Chris, well, he seemed to be dealing with a handful, welcoming and chatting with everybody.

I started to wander the penthouse trying to find something or someone to keep me busy too. But nothing here looked intriguing, it all seemed like trouble. I finally found a quiet spot with a computer, the program it was on looked confusing, not like a normal program. I also had many drinks at this point so It could been them dealing with this and not myself. But I noticed and play button and pressed it. It started to blare some really good music. I just sat there and enjoyed the sounds as I was feeling the results of my drinking. The sounds made me relaxed, happy and I wanted to dance. So I did. Just as the next song was coming on I was startled by spinning into Chris. He caught me with a sly confidence and smiled. “Are you enjoying my music?” he says. I press my lips together and look up at him as if I were in trouble. I apologized and turned around to turn it off. He then says “No, I’m glad you’re listening. No one has heard it yet. Do you like it?” I smile and nod. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or what but he seemed much more charming now than before. He looks like he goes to the barber every day and his outfit costs a billion bucks. He also has these strong arms and full lips I didn’t notice until he caught me from spinning into him. He turns on another song after another. We end up talking and listening for a very long time. He then goes to kiss me and I get butterflies as his lips touch mine. I make an excuse to go outside to get some fresh air. As he insists on coming with me to show me his helicopter. I think to myself “I just kissed a man that owns a casino, lives in a penthouse and flies a helicopter”. We walk through the main part of the house and I wave to Zoey and Vanessa to let them know I’m safe. Even though, I was not too sure how long I’d be safe. It’s not that I thought Chris was dangerous, I was just new to all of these experiences I had tonight. We flew quickly around the city and came back to an empty hotel. The party was gone which Chris says was normally around this time. But I was more concerned where Zoey and Vanessa were and how I would get back to my hotel but I didn’t want to show Chris my concern. He was very confident and comfortable to all types of situations and I was trying to mimic him. But my brain was spinning, I was pretty drunk and I wasn’t even sure where I was. I looked at my phone expecting to see a text or call from at least one of the girls, but nothing. My phone was almost dead so I asked Chris for a charger. He went off to find one as I wander to the kitchen of the empty penthouse. It was taking him a while to come back and my thoughts were pretty scattered, I decided I should go back to my hotel to rest. I never said bye, I just headed down the stairs and to the lobby. I tried calling both Zoey and Vanessa but received no answer. I went back to my hotel and fell asleep.

It was then I realized the man from this morning must have been Andrew. He had slept at the same hotel after dropping off Zoey and Vanessa the night before. Apparently after I left Chris he was searching for me. I never gave him a last name, phone number, the hotel I was at, nothing. My thoughts were he was a stranger and even though my night with him was amazing, I talked it down in my head thinking this was something he did with girls all the time. This was not at all the case.

As Vanessa and Zoey sat there explaining to me that I had “completely crushed” him by leaving without saying a word. The girls insisted we meet up with the boys again today, so we get ready and head out to meet them for lunch. I am beyond nervous because this gorgeous, successful man was into me, me, the average girl from St. Louis. We meet them at a very nice restaurant in town, our rental car was immediately valeted like the drivers new we were coming. We walk in to see the restaurant almost empty except Andrew and Chris. Vanessa and Zoey were walked to a table with Andrew and I was sat at a table with Chris. The conversation between Chris and I started out slightly awkward until we got caught up in talking about the music from the night before. I was really into music, the office I worked for in St Louis dealt with a lot of artists so we had plenty to talk about after that was brought back up. The charm in his eyes came back just like it was the night before, it came out most when he talked about his music. We got lost in conversation and before we knew it, it was time to go and we didn’t even touch our food. But we had to make it to the airport on time before our flight back. The girls were waiting in the car as Chris walked me up to it, we shared phone numbers and he whisked me in for a kiss. I couldn’t get the smile off my face throughout the car ride, the plane ride, telling my family and friends back at home.

Chris and I talked every day, texts, calls, and he even came to visit me a couple times throughout the summer. We completely fell in love on my 21st birthday, and our love grew stronger each day. My work ended up giving me a huge promotion and opened an office in Vegas the next year and I happily moved there to be closer to him.

I often think of my life before my birthday. Buying tickets to Vegas is something I would have never done. If my taxes didn’t just so happen to be in my hands that day, I would have never bought the tickets for my friends and I. I would have never had this amazing weekend away with my best friends and the new love of my life. Taking chances was never in my personality characteristics, but now it’s a way I’ve continued to live and it has brought me to some great places.


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