Hatchet Book Review

I recently finished the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. This book is about a young boy, Brian Robeson living in the nature after his plane crashes in the northern Canadian wilderness. In the beginning it walks you through his parents’ divorce and the secret. He is very sad about the divorce and the secret. When his plane crashes he is on his way to visit his father but his pilot has a heart attack. Beforehand, the pilot had taught Brian somewhat on how to fly the plane so he is able to land the plane in a lake and survive the crash. Brian then decides after being above and seeing how long the mass forest goes along for that he should stay in the area of the plane to be found.

While stranded, he goes through making shelter and finding food all from instinct and memory. He changes more and more the longer he is stranded, realizing that in the wilderness the only worry is food. This is the part of his mind that changes the most because after the divorce he went through being sad and having self-pity but out here is it does him no good. He needs to hunt, gather wood and keep his shelter up. He cannot get hurt, or he will not be able to survive. If he goes a day without food, water, or keeping the fire up he will not be able to survive. Out here his world is entirely different. There are no homes, grocery stores or a mother to make you dinner. Out here, he just has himself and he has to be strong until he is hopefully found. He has been stranded for almost 2 months and his hope was lost because before the plane crash he flew 1 hour in a different direction so they may not be looking for him this far away. Then there is a major storm, thinking this was only hurtful to him, his shelter and everything he built, there are also some ways it might have saved him.

After reading this book it makes me thankful for the things that in life that I simply take for granted like food, shelter and even company. This is not something I have to hunt for or rebuild after a mild storm. I can simply walk into a grocery store and buy what I need with a variety of choices. It makes me realize how much people stress about little things, when things could be much worse off. The world we have built puts things that we would normally not be able to survive without at ease for us, so we are left to worry about the smaller issues. I recommend reading this book because it will take you a step back and realize the important things you may take for granted, it may also teach you some survival knowledge if you ever need it.

Link to buy—> Hatchet


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