DIY Dresser

We all have moments when we are tight on money, or feeling creative but unsure how to start those Pinterest DIY’s we’ve been pinning. I often see DIY projects that seem to require a lot of work or have confusing directions. Since we have been planning for the baby’s nursery I wanted to get more hands on, I wanted to go for a more explorative feel in her bedroom. Which I noticed requires some additional hand’s on projects. I started with a dresser, not your typical baby dresser but a dresser with a more modern feel to match the rest of her furniture. I also found this project to take less time than I initially prepared.

I started out looking on craigslist for free or cheap dressers with a certain lifted style but came across none I was interested in. So I then moved on to thrift stores in my area, most gave me the same luck I had with craigslist but I still kept an eye out knowing I had time. I was out with my mom one day when she mentioned a Salvation Army Thrift Store in downtown Royal Oak (114 E. Fourth St. Royal Oak MI 48067) and there is where I had my luck! I found this:

I was super excited because this was the lifted modern feel I was looking for and it was only $60! Compared to new and used dressers this was a steal to me. It just needed something to liven it up. I kept it in the garage a couple days while I thought out my master plan. Now my mom was a lot of help with this, she found the store and helped me come up with the idea of how to paint it from watching a show on HGTV featuring a brown dresser with white drawers. Which was a cool idea because the crib was brown and white (pictured below from Walmart). Now I did some research first because I heard stories of DIY’s gone bad. The dresser we bought was made completely of wood, but surfaced with laminate which has known to become bubbly when painting it. My researched showed I need to make sure I used a primer and not go directly to coats of paint. That seemed like too much work for me so we ended up using 2 coats of a paint and primer in 1, and waited for a nice sunny day and did this outside. The sun helped them dry fast and it only took a few hours to clean, paint and prime. And this was my final outcome below the crib, which I was completely pleased with!

I will update my followers on all the DIY projects as well as the final outcome of Rosalie’s nursery to help any bedroom in your house! Feel free to share your DIY helpful hints or ask questions if I am missing any important details for you to start your project with the comment link under the title of this post.


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