Diy Photo Frames

The next step I had in the nursery is to make some rustic/explorative décor. The first project I started with was some picture frames. I went to Michaels and found a great deal on 12 x 12 plain wooden frames. They were about $5 and I looked up coupons on their website (Michaels always has great coupons and sales). I also bought some scrapbook paper from Michaels, the scrapbook paper comes in 12 x 12 so this worked perfectly for the background. Although, they do have some great scrapbook paper that would work well as pictures themselves, if you’d like to do that. Then I picked out some prints from Anderson Design Group online then started my DIY. This project was simple, but had a lot of wait time.

I started by using a dark wood stain on the picture frames to match the dresser and crib, I’ll post a picture below of the brand I used. This was some left over stain my parents had from staining their cabinets but I am sure you can get it at Home Depot. When you start staining I recommend laying down newspaper, wearing rubber gloves, and doing this project outside because of the aroma. After doing 2 continuous coats of stain, I let them dry outside overnight, then about two days inside in a room with a fan on. I checked them daily but they were not dry until the 2nd day in the room.

Then simply put the scrapbook paper as a background and taped the Anderson Design Group pictures to the scrapbook paper. As of now they have no glass covers, which I didn’t think about when buying the frames so that is something to consider, but I may end up adding them later. My final product is below and I love them!


4 thoughts on “Diy Photo Frames

  1. I’m loving these DIY’s! I’m really loving being able to keep up with you and the family through your blog! It’s making me think about starting my own, though it will not be even half as well written!

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