DIY Twine Balls

So I saw this video on Facebook with twine balls that looked pretty cool, like this:

I wanted to try to make some decorations for my baby shower and thought they looked easy and simple so I went ahead and purchased the materials. Although instead of buying wood glue we found this spray glue that looked like it may make the job much easier. I recommend not trying to take any short cuts because the spray glue worked horribly and I ended up with this:

So we went back to the wood glue and they turned out much better. But it was SUPER messy. I had to have my mom cut the twine and put in the bowl because you can basically not touch anything else while you are doing this because your hands are filled with half dry and half wet glue:

However, plan on hanging them up RIGHT after they dry because there is not an easy way to store them and keep them looking nice if they are not hanging. Ours kind of fell apart in the storage process and we are on to the next project. Not my favorite DIY but I will keep an eye out for other cool decorations so I’ll have more DIY’s coming!

Please comment if you have tried this DIY before and how it worked for you. Any tips or tricks would be helpful!


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