Through Rosalie’s Eyes

Rosalie Marie Aurélie Paholsky

Born: June 18th, 2016

8.4 lbs. 21 inches 6:11 pm

Home: July 4th, 2016

Best Independence Day Ever ❤️

As I lie there awake in my mind but asleep to the world, I think of the things I have to conquer. I think of the smiles I saw the minute I came into this world and the joy I feel when thier company is around. I ponder at the thought there may be more to this adventure than I initially planned. That I need to make sure I am completely here to experience it all. As I finally get to hear the stories my parents tell, the place and people we will call home. I realize how strong I need to be and how strong I am. I work my way day after day to make sure I will be here for this, to make sure I can here more stories and eventually see this place called home. Each day gets easier as I am working hard to stay strong. My breathing first at ease, the complications begin to subside then disappear, and I grow the fuller my belly gets until I am all well. I can now feel the wind in my hair, the sunshine on my skin and the warmth of my home. I get to stare into my parents tired eyes as I wake them at night. I get to hear the loud barks of the dogs and feel the wet cold from thier noses giving me kisses. I get to listen to the family chatter and cuddle with my aunts and uncles. I am so glad I am now here to experience all these things, and I even though I had frightened everyone, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.


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