The Magical Treehouse Bedtime Story


There once was a young blonde haired girl that loved bedtime stories. She loved all kinds of stories, from scary to fantasy. Her mother was just running out of ideas when she saw a treehouse when day while wandering. She thought to herself “when I was a kid I always wanted a treehouse” and shortly after that, the idea popped in her head.

So later that night Karen was tucking her daughter into bed and used her imagination to think of what she would have wanted to hear as a child. She squeezed Sophia, kissed her on top of the head and pushed in the blankets around her. With Sophia’s eyes wide, she started her bedtime story.

“There were two girls, about the same age as you, exploring the forest near their family cabin. They go to this cabin every summer but have never wandered this far from it. Just as they were about to head home they saw a ladder coming down from a very tall tree. They were both curious as to what the ladder lead too so they ran over to the tree and quickly climbed the ladder. It lead to a treehouse, so high in the tree that you could see the entire forest when you looked out the window. The girls found great books and they read them to each other and found all the best pictures in each book. There was also a toy chest full of all their favorite toys, the toys were old but to the girls they were treasures. There were cars, dolls, tools and much more. They also found a globe and spun it around and around picking all the places they’d love to visit from Alaskan views to Paris nights. They girls were having such a great time at the treehouse that they lost track of the daylight and the sun was starting to set. The girls jumped down from the ladder and raced back to the cabin where they told their family all about this magical treehouse. They described it as magical because of how vivid their imaginations were once they climbed inside.

They next day they wanted to show their parents where the treehouse was but they couldn’t find it again. With confusion they looked and looked but it was not there. Not in the place they remembered it being. The parents gave up looking but the girls could not give up on finding this magical place, so they went off alone later that day and the treehouse was right where they left it. They assumed it was the kind of treehouse that was only for kids. They loved the time they spent there, it was their favorite place to go when the family came to the cabin. Albeit the parents thought they were just imagining the treehouse all together they were happy the girls were using their imagination and assumed they were just exploring the woods.”

Karen then looked down at Sophia with her eyes closed and kissed her on the forehead as she fell fast asleep.


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