To My Sleepy Rosalie

As the comfort of your body lies custom fit to mine, I think of your strength and your progress. With each heartbeat and each breath I admire your perfection. Your worn out demeanor makes me yearn to cuddle and bond with you as you fall fast asleep. Dreaming of things you may barely no just yet, things that seem impossible but as a mom I no you’re capable of them all. I’m dreaming too, daydreaming really, as I lie here with you. I notice myself doing this a lot as a mother. Squeezing you tight and thinking of all the things we’ll be able to experience together, good and great. Frightened as well at any negative people you may encounter, but hopeful you will set them just right. I no at this moment you are capable of an abundance of happiness and unstoppable strength. You have already came so far at such a young age and I no you have miles more to go.


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