Attention to Detail P.1

Part One – The Introduction

          It was a warm, sunny day. The birds chirping and the air has the feel of waking up early on an elementary school morning. However, I am headed to work passing the large buildings, frantic cars and loud people. I remember specifically seeing plenty of businessmen on their cell phone shouting “Yes sir, on my way” or “I told him yesterday to be there at 8:00 a.m.” and I can’t help but think of the scenarios they will be rushed into when they get to the office. I also see beggars, musicians and artists. I live in a city where these things, as well as subways are a thing of nature, it’s as if it would be odd for these people not to be doing these things.

          It’s funny I would be out here this early, while people are headed to work because I actually don’t HAVE to be to work in the morning but I enjoy the people watching of the hustle. After I walk to get my morning coffee, I head to Central Park in my favorite little corner and scan my eyes over the park to find an open bench. I grab my lens out of my camera bag and start to clean it as a man trips and falls into me on the bench.

          It was a light fall but I was still startled as my eyes were on my lens. I look up and see now he was catching a football his son threw. I notice quickly it was on accident because his son looks about 5 and is giving the “Oh no” face. He quickly apologizes and goes on with playing. I start to take photos of them playing, action shots are my favorite! Other than the fall, this is a normal day for me. This may sound funny, but that is what I do. I am a photographer that sometimes practices on the strangers in the park. As others seem to avoid people at all costs, I am normally on the lookout for them. I love to meet new people and hear their point of view. I am often feeling as if I am missing out on something and there’s someone out there to show it to me, whether it be through teaching me something or bringing something new to my attention. Not as though I am lost, but it’s as if something was almost missing.


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