DIY Table ❤️

I updated an old table in my garage to put into Rosalie’s nursery, super easy and cool so I thought I’d share with you guys! 

1. Find old table.

2. Sand it.

3. Clean it.

4. Polish it with plegde. (I did this because the wood I had was super dry and I new the paint would take extra coats if I didnt.) If your wood is not dry, you can skip this step.

4. I used some cheap large paint brushes from Micheals and acrylic paint. The top coat is Martha Stewarts chalkboard paint, I thought this would be fun to write notes back and forth.

5. Paint with whatever colors you like, I recommend a warm, sunny day and leave it to sit outside until dry. Mine took about a half a day.

6. Then place in room and start writing on it with chalk! Such a fun piece! 

Let me know your thoughts and how it works for you!


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