Moments to Live For

He’s holding her tight under her arms as she sits in his lap, their eyes locked into one another. The happiness flows out of them as they both smile at each other, speaking in babble and wide eyed. The sight of this gives me an unexplainable feeling. I want to just take it all in, capture this memory and keep it in an open chest forever. To do so, I study every part of it. From the curves on their cheeks to the roundness of their lips. The placement of his large hands holding on for protection on her tiny torso. Her legs kicking with excitement as his eyes grow larger and their eyelashes just fluttering at each other. The blanket is fleece, white and blue sitting next to them both. The room is well lit, and the spotlight seems to be on them. It is a cold room but warm with love. In this moment I just see them, the heart of my life and the key to my happiness.

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