Diaper Tip!

Since diapers and wipes are crazy expensive, I did my fair share of shopping around for quality and price. I’ve tried Huggies, Pampers, Luvs and Buy Buy Baby Brand. I hated the quality of Luvs, I pulled the tabs off the diapers about 3 or 4 times before I gave up on them. I loved the Huggies and Pampers quality but they are almost double the price of the Buy Buy Baby brand. The Buy Buy Baby Brand I would compare to the Huggies, they are slightly stiffer but not to the point where they seem uncomfortable at all. I love the fact that they have the strip that turns from yellow to blue when its wet! The best part is I got this 152 count for $27! The wipes are great as well, they have unscented and senstive available, I like both, and 432 pack was only $11. Those are the regular prices, no coupons. You can actually sign up for Buy Buy Baby coupons and recieve 20% off and $5 off of the diapers and wipes (the coupons can be used for the Buy Buy Baby brand diapers and wipes but any other brands are excluded) on thier website. Just a heads up for moms trying to save money! 

Let me know about your money saving baby tips in the comments 🙂


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