The Ultimate #couplegoals of 2017

Obsessed with Michelle and Barack? Aren’t we all! Their love seems to be real and timeless, hence the reason why they are at the top of everyone’s #couplegoals. From the way Barack looks at Michelle to the words he uses to compliment her, all make our hearts melt. Why do they melt our hearts you may ask yourself. The answer is as simple as wanting a beautiful relationship like theirs. One we can be proud of, one that seems more fun than work and full of positive experiences.  However it may seem, relationships take time especially to get to a point such as theirs. Im sure they have had their ups and downs in the beginning and the ups were higher and the downs were lower. They somehow still found a way to work through it all, taking each quarrel not as a negative experience but as a lesson. They took the time to slowly understand each others wants, needs and personality. Each day learning something new and different. Teaching each other how to comprise on the way situations are handled ideally from each others perspectives. With each day getting easier and easier!

Now I don’t t think their relationship is perfect all the time and neither should you. Don’t hold you or your loved one to that type of standard. Even when somethings get easier, others may get harder. Relationships are something that you will consistently be working on depending on what life throws at the two of you.

With that said we can make our own kind of perfect by always speaking highly of our loved ones. Regardless of the fight they started last week or the look you gave them yesterday. Try to start each day with openness, love and kindness. Offer to help them with a chore or get something done on their to do list that they haven’t got to yet. You may be surprised with the effects your effort will make.

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