The NAIAS Experience 

From the moment your shoes hit the fresh clean carpet and the new car smell hits your nose, you are bombarded with giant screens of intensified videos and luscious landscapes. They are screens of cars racing, mountain top views and illusional effects of walls inverting and diminishing. It gives you the feeling that new things are possible and reminds you of how fast the world is moving. The concepts implemented in each display are unrestrained and unique. With each turntable platform people are piling up to see what advancement has taken place.
The Detroit Auto Show has been alive since 1957 when people first starting showing their international vehicles at Cobo Hall but it was not until 1989 it became known as the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS. At the NAIAS every car seems to have something fresh or original to offer from the Model T Ford to the newest Lamborghini. They even have some futuristic ideas and prototypes put into place and offer iPads, other digital screens and hosts from each company to teach you about the cars and new motives. Many companies offer a look into cars that are in process of being available to the public with new designs and details as well as further engine capabilities. 
As you make your way through the event you are cast upon a spell of desires. Each car you sit in you are analyzing it exceptionally from the motor to the interior. Picking out each car you wish to be yours and designing the perfect array of colors in your head. Throughout the show you acquire a feeling of want for all the vehicles. You also feel the dedication and desire of some the audience, knowing that this is what they love and long for in the coming years. Wondering what each company will improve or invent. One thing the NAIAS does is keep the viewers at the edge of their seat, with their visions each year flourishing. 

From the sound of the music to the occasional light show your mind is pumping and your eyes grow wider. The thought of the group of people who began this show then seeing it now would be shocking. The growth of the interest in auto industry has been substantial from the show, growing each year with publicity. It is meant to keep customers knowledgeable and flowing towards each company from Suzuki to Ford and thats exactly what it does. Giving each person the experience of a lifetime because each show is different and each day has a new activity.

The NAIAS is for adults and children, you will often see kids coming in groups for “field trips” or families coming in with little ones. Some companies will even have balloons or small toys for the kids as well as totes or informational packets for the adults. There are food and drinks offered in the up and downstairs levels of the Detroit show at Cobo Hall. The NAIAS offers an experience you wont forget, like the feeling of opening up that bag of peanuts on opening day or casting out the first line of the year!


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