Have You Fell in Love with Aspen Yet?

Photo by Ben Ford @mr._ford

As your lungs fill with cool air and you watch the fresh powder hit the mountain your mind goes to a spectacular place, a place of fearlessness and excitement. With these emotions your body is aware of its inner adventurer, realizing it is just you and the mountains and you are ready to conquer them! I imagine this to be the thoughts of a pro winter athlete as they take on the Aspen X Games. You see the skier taking off with speed to hit a jump which flies them into the air sometimes landing backwards and still making it down safely. You see the snowboarder taking each turn up the half pipe with twists and spins and you see the snowmobiles flipping off of the jumps. Each trick is met with a gasp or a cheer in the crowd. The Aspen X Games has everything to offer for your entertainment needs from concerts and views to athletes and celebrities, not to mention being so close to downtown Aspen.

As for Aspen itself, it has held the X Games since 2002 making this year its 15th anniversary! The town is so different from others considering its size and attraction. Most tourist towns are much larger and run down while Aspen continues to stick to their historic character, cleanliness and energizing feel. It’s a place where everyone is excited for the day! And snow is not a hassle, it’s a gift! Their public bathrooms are the cleanest I have ever seen, not to mention the town. Each building looking as if it were on display and the employees are ready to take on the day. Since most of the stores have become utilized for upscale shopping they attract many well-known and wealthy people. However, before you go booking your ticket remember that Aspen is a place of adventure most have not seen before. People that travel there for vacation are not looking to lay down and relax, they are looking for a place to unwind their mind and leap out of their comfort zone.

Which brings me back to the activities, if you have ever skied before and loved it, this is the place for you. They have mountains of every size and shape for you to practice on and they are thousands of feet in the air, which means your ride down the mountain will long and extremely scenic! Which is where they must have come up with the idea of the X Games being held there. The week of the X Games each year is one of the busiest times of the year for Aspen, people come from all over the world to stay in the Roaring Fork Valley and travel to the X Games each day of their stay. Although Aspen does have much more to offer than the X Games like hiking, biking, and even surfing certain times of the year. Not to forget a stop at the hot springs to relax your muscles after all that enjoyment! Aspen will have you full exhilaration and knocking things off your bucket list you didn’t even know where on there.

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