Why you need to go to the Kennedy Space Center!

​On some days the world seems so small seeing the same people day after day. Then you think about traveling and it seems impossible to see it all, every mountain and ocean. For a small instance, you attend a friend’s barbecue and find out the person your friend works with was your childhood neighbor. Then a large instance you remember people have been to the moon. If you are not the science type you are probably just as at a loss as I was. My mind boggled on how a group of people got together and decided “We choose to go to the moon” as John F Kennedy states in his “Address at Rice University on the Nation’s Space Effort.” He compares things like, “Why climb the highest mountain?” or “Why fly the Atlantic?” to the people’s questions of “why the moon?”.
As for the Kennedy Space Center, it’s not just a gallery or a museum, it is all things space and it’s a constant learning experience. It wasn’t just a statement of “we choose the moon,” they put together a space craft and left. It took brains, people, money, tests and most importantly, time. Yes, one thing we all wish we had more of. The Kennedy Space Center has a staff of people that care about a cause and want to educate you on whatever you want to learn involving the space movement. One of the craziest things I heard while I was at the Kennedy Space Center was the plan on sending people to live and work on Mars. That made me realize even though the world may be large and impossible to see, we are working on exploring a whole other world. We are just a part of this solar system and there is so much to see. With that said, NASA has a goal of sending humans to Mars in 2030 a whole lot of work already in progress.
However, it’s not ALL learning. For the people looking for the fun in this experience, it also offers Astronaut Training Simulators, an outdoor play center, a giant slide with the view of Atlantis and much more. You even have the chance to meet actual astronauts! How many people get to do that? There are bus tours offered as well and you get to drive by launch sites and see how they move these large rockets to the sites (it’s mind-blowing). Also during the bus tours, you get to see the largest one-story building in the world which can fit over three and a half Empire State Buildings!
If I haven’t talked you into it yet, it’s also located in Florida which is always a great vacation spot! Florida has warm weather, an array of wildlife and endless attractions. You can drive down the road and run into an alligator, drive pass protected manatee zone and the birds are exotic and everywhere. The Kennedy Space Center is a short drive from Cocoa Beach and while the humidity may sound horrifying, who doesn’t love the beach? It’s time to go!


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