How Can You Help the Earth? Earth Day: April 22nd 2017

Photo by Colin Paholsky

When we were kids we were taught the basics on Earth care however as we grow older we seem to forget. The things we once used for convenience have become necessities then turn into habits. So here are some reminders to get the refresh we all need as adults:

1.       Turn off the water when you don’t need it like when you’re brushing your teeth. Save some water for the fishies! 😉

2.       If your city offers a recycle bin, get one! They are normally under $10 and most city websites have pricing and items accepted listed. If your city does not offer this, there may be drop off locations in your area, check online. I have even used the green dumpsters outside of elementary schools to drop off loads of recyclable paper. If you’re looking to recycle books, check your local library for donations or

3.       Get active and social: Carpool, ride your bike, skateboard and/or walk places to cut out on car use.

4.       Participate in local clean ups or events such as the Belle Isle Spring Clean Up . If you can’t make it to those just take a walk in your city or favorite trail with a garbage bag. You’ll be surprised how many times garbage will be walked passed without being picked up.

5.       Turn off the lights and open the windows to save on energy throughout the day.

6.       The one I am struggling with myself, unplug any sources of energy not being used. Like your phone charger!

7.       And if you’re more of a stay at home person on Saturdays, just stay on your phone and help by buying items at You can raise awareness for the Earth any day by wearing their clothing. This company is striving to better the earth by using 50% of their net profits towards conservation efforts and they plant a tree for every order placed. Use code ‘earth123’ for 15% off your order.

Now lets all get started with some healthy earth habits!


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