3 Reasons Millennials Often Find Themselves Lost


All too often us millennials have found ourselves lost, mindless and even though we hate to admit it, depressed. We have these feelings that other generations have yet to experience. Now I may have offset your brain a little when I mention “feelings that other generations have yet to experience” but we have an array of attention, communication and bonding difficulties from the rising in technology. We grew up in a time when girls were scared to give boys their phone number in fright that their older brother or father would answer and embarrass them for life because we only had “landlines”, and now girls are texting boy’s dirty pictures before high school. It’s not a question that the younger generations might be growing up too fast due to technology. It’s also not a question that the world is growing too fast for itself to keep up with the technology and the pressure it puts on us all. Mainly, emotionally. Our generation experienced a time where having a small talk was normal not weird, or having an unexpected visitor was exciting not exhausting. However, before I go off on a tangent let me point out some larger life reasons:


For one, jobs are out there learning more about us then we know about ourselves before we are even called in for an interview. Which means they already have a pretty good idea if they are going to hire you or not before you even come in. How is that even possible? The older generation may ask. But to us, it’s the norm. Even though we completely understand what our elders mean. How is it possible for someone to know everything about your life before even to have met us? Well in 1990, that would be crazy, insane, not possible. Now, we have it all at our fingertips (literally) we can figure out where our best friends dad works, with calling or speaking to anyone. We can figure out which of our classmates have babies or got married without attending a reunion. We can even figure out which highlight our boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends sister uses on her contour. It’s helpful at times, but also a bit peculiar. Shoot, we even have that calculator in our pocket our math teachers said we’d never have. So we grew up in a time when some jobs were just jobs and the key was hard work and a caring personality. Now we are working with an aggressive sales society with business’ who want you to treat your entry level jobs like careers. Which makes it harder for us to find jobs we want to stay at while were in college or finding our place in the world.


Second, if not the most important, we are getting used to having all this technology and learning to use it. But what does that mean for our daily life? Instead of chatting with our boyfriends before bed and reading our children bedtime stories, we throw an iPad on the child’s lap and run to bed to scroll through newsfeed of people we haven’t spoken to in years. Just to figure out what they did that day, who pissed them off and what recipe worked for them, but honestly probably wouldn’t even say “Hi” to if they were standing in front of us. And why do we do this you ask? Because it’s become a habit. It’s become socially acceptable and even contagious. As one person picks up their phone so does the other and another and then the last person trying to keep up the conversation has lost interest because no one is paying attention and instead of trying to regrab their attention, it’s easier to just pick up their phone too. We sit down to eat, we grab our phone. We go to the bathroom, DON’T forget your phone. If we leave the house without it we feel empty. The one thing connecting us to this world is our phones, or is it unconnecting us? We millennials crave real connections now more than ever, and it’s the one thing that is tearing us down. Social media is a tease at a real connection and the world is just dangling it right in front of our faces, again… LITERALLY.

Life in general

We grew up in a time where family was there for each other without a question and friends never left your side. Now the world is a bit colder and no one has “time” anymore. Our days are taken away by our busy thoughts but not our actual actions. We are stuck in our day to day lives of snapping pictures for others to see what a great time we had instead of actually having a great time. We are transitioning threw a time when we have to show our friends how awesome our life is to make sure it’s awesome. Kind of odd right? But in this day and age it’s odd if you don’t do that. If you delete or don’t have a Facebook, that’s weird. Who are you hiding from? What are you trying to hide? What in your right mind makes you think you don’t need one?  But now I’m getting back to social media. The point is we have a hard time enjoying life as purely as we did when we were children and it’s not because were no longer children. It’s because we forgot how to enjoy life purely. We lost the connection with the world, the smell of the flowers, the sound of the rain and how being bored can bring out the best conversations in people if we just let them happen.

Did you forget the great conversations you would have with your best friend after a long day of adventuring together? Or how playing basketball with your brother all night was the best times of your life growing up? If we can work on setting our phones down and handling the awkward silent moments and push through it together, some great times may come out of them. It may help bring back meaningfulness to your life, it may help us remember what life is really about. We will find our place because we are determined, we just have to make sure our eyes are open to look for it.


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