Bonjour! Shana Ross here! I have an unwarranted desire to be fluent in french one day. It may have something to do with the flavor the french language brings to reading. If I wasn’t so addicted to exploring, you would see a book in my hand daily (almost always having to do with France in some way). Instead you’ll catch me hiking or visiting attractions and saving reading for the rainy days. 

Once traveling was introduced me, my mind and spirit grew. Everything from a quaint hot spring getaway to the view of a long days worth of hiking has brought me much more then relaxation or exhaustion. Its actually something that happens when the two cross that almost make you feel rejuvenated and relieved.

My life lately has been a whirlwind of traveling, babies and wedding planning. All of which I never imagined Id be doing, especially so young in life. However, its brought me happiness in ways I could never describe and clarity more than anything. Each day brings something new to conquer and learn.

Thank you for your support and following, it means a lot to me!





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