3 Reasons Millennials Often Find Themselves Lost


All too often us millennials have found ourselves lost, mindless and even though we hate to admit it, depressed. We have these feelings that other generations have yet to experience. Now I may have offset your brain a little when I mention “feelings that other generations have yet to experience” but we have an array of attention, communication and bonding difficulties from the rising in technology. We grew up in a time when girls were scared to give boys their phone number in fright that their older brother or father would answer and embarrass them for life because we only had “landlines”, and now girls are texting boy’s dirty pictures before high school. It’s not a question that the younger generations might be growing up too fast due to technology. It’s also not a question that the world is growing too fast for itself to keep up with the technology and the pressure it puts on us all. Mainly, emotionally. Our generation experienced a time where having a small talk was normal not weird, or having an unexpected visitor was exciting not exhausting. However, before I go off on a tangent let me point out some larger life reasons:


For one, jobs are out there learning more about us then we know about ourselves before we are even called in for an interview. Which means they already have a pretty good idea if they are going to hire you or not before you even come in. How is that even possible? The older generation may ask. But to us, it’s the norm. Even though we completely understand what our elders mean. How is it possible for someone to know everything about your life before even to have met us? Well in 1990, that would be crazy, insane, not possible. Now, we have it all at our fingertips (literally) we can figure out where our best friends dad works, with calling or speaking to anyone. We can figure out which of our classmates have babies or got married without attending a reunion. We can even figure out which highlight our boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends sister uses on her contour. It’s helpful at times, but also a bit peculiar. Shoot, we even have that calculator in our pocket our math teachers said we’d never have. So we grew up in a time when some jobs were just jobs and the key was hard work and a caring personality. Now we are working with an aggressive sales society with business’ who want you to treat your entry level jobs like careers. Which makes it harder for us to find jobs we want to stay at while were in college or finding our place in the world.


Second, if not the most important, we are getting used to having all this technology and learning to use it. But what does that mean for our daily life? Instead of chatting with our boyfriends before bed and reading our children bedtime stories, we throw an iPad on the child’s lap and run to bed to scroll through newsfeed of people we haven’t spoken to in years. Just to figure out what they did that day, who pissed them off and what recipe worked for them, but honestly probably wouldn’t even say “Hi” to if they were standing in front of us. And why do we do this you ask? Because it’s become a habit. It’s become socially acceptable and even contagious. As one person picks up their phone so does the other and another and then the last person trying to keep up the conversation has lost interest because no one is paying attention and instead of trying to regrab their attention, it’s easier to just pick up their phone too. We sit down to eat, we grab our phone. We go to the bathroom, DON’T forget your phone. If we leave the house without it we feel empty. The one thing connecting us to this world is our phones, or is it unconnecting us? We millennials crave real connections now more than ever, and it’s the one thing that is tearing us down. Social media is a tease at a real connection and the world is just dangling it right in front of our faces, again… LITERALLY.

Life in general

We grew up in a time where family was there for each other without a question and friends never left your side. Now the world is a bit colder and no one has “time” anymore. Our days are taken away by our busy thoughts but not our actual actions. We are stuck in our day to day lives of snapping pictures for others to see what a great time we had instead of actually having a great time. We are transitioning threw a time when we have to show our friends how awesome our life is to make sure it’s awesome. Kind of odd right? But in this day and age it’s odd if you don’t do that. If you delete or don’t have a Facebook, that’s weird. Who are you hiding from? What are you trying to hide? What in your right mind makes you think you don’t need one?  But now I’m getting back to social media. The point is we have a hard time enjoying life as purely as we did when we were children and it’s not because were no longer children. It’s because we forgot how to enjoy life purely. We lost the connection with the world, the smell of the flowers, the sound of the rain and how being bored can bring out the best conversations in people if we just let them happen.

Did you forget the great conversations you would have with your best friend after a long day of adventuring together? Or how playing basketball with your brother all night was the best times of your life growing up? If we can work on setting our phones down and handling the awkward silent moments and push through it together, some great times may come out of them. It may help bring back meaningfulness to your life, it may help us remember what life is really about. We will find our place because we are determined, we just have to make sure our eyes are open to look for it.


How Can You Help the Earth? Earth Day: April 22nd 2017

Photo by Colin Paholsky

When we were kids we were taught the basics on Earth care however as we grow older we seem to forget. The things we once used for convenience have become necessities then turn into habits. So here are some reminders to get the refresh we all need as adults:

1.       Turn off the water when you don’t need it like when you’re brushing your teeth. Save some water for the fishies! 😉

2.       If your city offers a recycle bin, get one! They are normally under $10 and most city websites have pricing and items accepted listed. If your city does not offer this, there may be drop off locations in your area, check online. I have even used the green dumpsters outside of elementary schools to drop off loads of recyclable paper. If you’re looking to recycle books, check your local library for donations or LittleFreeLibrary.org.

3.       Get active and social: Carpool, ride your bike, skateboard and/or walk places to cut out on car use.

4.       Participate in local clean ups or events such as the Belle Isle Spring Clean Up . If you can’t make it to those just take a walk in your city or favorite trail with a garbage bag. You’ll be surprised how many times garbage will be walked passed without being picked up.

5.       Turn off the lights and open the windows to save on energy throughout the day.

6.       The one I am struggling with myself, unplug any sources of energy not being used. Like your phone charger!

7.       And if you’re more of a stay at home person on Saturdays, just stay on your phone and help by buying items at happyearthapparel.com. You can raise awareness for the Earth any day by wearing their clothing. This company is striving to better the earth by using 50% of their net profits towards conservation efforts and they plant a tree for every order placed. Use code ‘earth123’ for 15% off your order.

Now lets all get started with some healthy earth habits!

Why you need to go to the Kennedy Space Center!

​On some days the world seems so small seeing the same people day after day. Then you think about traveling and it seems impossible to see it all, every mountain and ocean. For a small instance, you attend a friend’s barbecue and find out the person your friend works with was your childhood neighbor. Then a large instance you remember people have been to the moon. If you are not the science type you are probably just as at a loss as I was. My mind boggled on how a group of people got together and decided “We choose to go to the moon” as John F Kennedy states in his “Address at Rice University on the Nation’s Space Effort.” He compares things like, “Why climb the highest mountain?” or “Why fly the Atlantic?” to the people’s questions of “why the moon?”.
As for the Kennedy Space Center, it’s not just a gallery or a museum, it is all things space and it’s a constant learning experience. It wasn’t just a statement of “we choose the moon,” they put together a space craft and left. It took brains, people, money, tests and most importantly, time. Yes, one thing we all wish we had more of. The Kennedy Space Center has a staff of people that care about a cause and want to educate you on whatever you want to learn involving the space movement. One of the craziest things I heard while I was at the Kennedy Space Center was the plan on sending people to live and work on Mars. That made me realize even though the world may be large and impossible to see, we are working on exploring a whole other world. We are just a part of this solar system and there is so much to see. With that said, NASA has a goal of sending humans to Mars in 2030 a whole lot of work already in progress.
However, it’s not ALL learning. For the people looking for the fun in this experience, it also offers Astronaut Training Simulators, an outdoor play center, a giant slide with the view of Atlantis and much more. You even have the chance to meet actual astronauts! How many people get to do that? There are bus tours offered as well and you get to drive by launch sites and see how they move these large rockets to the sites (it’s mind-blowing). Also during the bus tours, you get to see the largest one-story building in the world which can fit over three and a half Empire State Buildings!
If I haven’t talked you into it yet, it’s also located in Florida which is always a great vacation spot! Florida has warm weather, an array of wildlife and endless attractions. You can drive down the road and run into an alligator, drive pass protected manatee zone and the birds are exotic and everywhere. The Kennedy Space Center is a short drive from Cocoa Beach and while the humidity may sound horrifying, who doesn’t love the beach? It’s time to go!

‘Paris Is Always A Good Idea’ Book Review

One of those books that takes you to another place, like your room as a child sitting on your bed in your favorite pajamas with the smell of the already eaten dinner lingering from the kitchen. Those feelings books give you is the reason why we read them. We like to feel as if we can understand each character and how we would see their lives from our eyes. Have you ever done that? Put yourself in the character shoes and say OK this is me, these are my friends and this is the situation. The way you can comprehend their visions and their ideas when you pretend their feelings are yours. Much more simple to put our feelings into words, make them see this way or that way without all the complications in the middle. Then as you read on you realize their emotions aren’t actually simple, you learn the characters complications. You feel them, you practically know the characters by now as if they were your closest friends and you’re just on for the roller coaster ride.

This is how Paris Is Always A Good Idea made me feel. At first when I was getting to know each character which they divide by chapter and everything seemed so simple. Rosalie owns a little postcard shop in Saint-Germain called Luna Luna, she is very optimistic, not in favor of activities it takes to get fit, has a boyfriend the complete opposite as her and loves the color blue. Seems simple right? But then the book takes you on a whirlwind of an old man taking an interest in her, a few break ups and a crazy adventure that changes everything.

After you are walked through Rosalie’s world Nicholas Barreau takes you through Max Marchais’ which take you through the eyes of a successful children’s author who hasn’t written in years, his agent trying with all his might get Max to write something new. The author meets Rosalie after stumbling into her postcard store which then happens again when we meet a meticulous Robert Sherman with his stunning blue eyes. Everything still seems humble as this point. That is until Robert accuses Max (Rosalie’s now good friend) of being and thief and stealing his story and explaining that the story is actually his.

However, Robert is visiting from New York and Max and Rosalie live in Paris. How would this story have gotten out to only these two men in such great distances? Who should Rosalie believe? Her now almost boyfriend, or this great old man? She has grown an attachment to both and can no longer stand in the middle. She is finally able to get these two to meet and that’s when the real story begins. Max and Robert find out they are closer than they could have ever imagined and Rosalie is in shock. She also learns that the man she is beginning to fall in love with has a girlfriend, or is it his fiancé? Has Rosalie completely ruined a possibly marriage? Her gut is turning and your mind will be to, until the very end.

Needless to say, I loved this book. It kept me interested all the way through, having me think anything could possibly happen at this point and I was completely unsure of where it might end. Nicholas Barreau has a way of explaining the characters to a point where you feel you are in their thoughts completely and it is so detailed you feel as if you are this person, each person. Which pulls you into the story even stronger.

The Odyssey Online

Have You Fell in Love with Aspen Yet?

Photo by Ben Ford @mr._ford

As your lungs fill with cool air and you watch the fresh powder hit the mountain your mind goes to a spectacular place, a place of fearlessness and excitement. With these emotions your body is aware of its inner adventurer, realizing it is just you and the mountains and you are ready to conquer them! I imagine this to be the thoughts of a pro winter athlete as they take on the Aspen X Games. You see the skier taking off with speed to hit a jump which flies them into the air sometimes landing backwards and still making it down safely. You see the snowboarder taking each turn up the half pipe with twists and spins and you see the snowmobiles flipping off of the jumps. Each trick is met with a gasp or a cheer in the crowd. The Aspen X Games has everything to offer for your entertainment needs from concerts and views to athletes and celebrities, not to mention being so close to downtown Aspen.

As for Aspen itself, it has held the X Games since 2002 making this year its 15th anniversary! The town is so different from others considering its size and attraction. Most tourist towns are much larger and run down while Aspen continues to stick to their historic character, cleanliness and energizing feel. It’s a place where everyone is excited for the day! And snow is not a hassle, it’s a gift! Their public bathrooms are the cleanest I have ever seen, not to mention the town. Each building looking as if it were on display and the employees are ready to take on the day. Since most of the stores have become utilized for upscale shopping they attract many well-known and wealthy people. However, before you go booking your ticket remember that Aspen is a place of adventure most have not seen before. People that travel there for vacation are not looking to lay down and relax, they are looking for a place to unwind their mind and leap out of their comfort zone.

Which brings me back to the activities, if you have ever skied before and loved it, this is the place for you. They have mountains of every size and shape for you to practice on and they are thousands of feet in the air, which means your ride down the mountain will long and extremely scenic! Which is where they must have come up with the idea of the X Games being held there. The week of the X Games each year is one of the busiest times of the year for Aspen, people come from all over the world to stay in the Roaring Fork Valley and travel to the X Games each day of their stay. Although Aspen does have much more to offer than the X Games like hiking, biking, and even surfing certain times of the year. Not to forget a stop at the hot springs to relax your muscles after all that enjoyment! Aspen will have you full exhilaration and knocking things off your bucket list you didn’t even know where on there.

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The NAIAS Experience 

From the moment your shoes hit the fresh clean carpet and the new car smell hits your nose, you are bombarded with giant screens of intensified videos and luscious landscapes. They are screens of cars racing, mountain top views and illusional effects of walls inverting and diminishing. It gives you the feeling that new things are possible and reminds you of how fast the world is moving. The concepts implemented in each display are unrestrained and unique. With each turntable platform people are piling up to see what advancement has taken place.
The Detroit Auto Show has been alive since 1957 when people first starting showing their international vehicles at Cobo Hall but it was not until 1989 it became known as the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS. At the NAIAS every car seems to have something fresh or original to offer from the Model T Ford to the newest Lamborghini. They even have some futuristic ideas and prototypes put into place and offer iPads, other digital screens and hosts from each company to teach you about the cars and new motives. Many companies offer a look into cars that are in process of being available to the public with new designs and details as well as further engine capabilities. 
As you make your way through the event you are cast upon a spell of desires. Each car you sit in you are analyzing it exceptionally from the motor to the interior. Picking out each car you wish to be yours and designing the perfect array of colors in your head. Throughout the show you acquire a feeling of want for all the vehicles. You also feel the dedication and desire of some the audience, knowing that this is what they love and long for in the coming years. Wondering what each company will improve or invent. One thing the NAIAS does is keep the viewers at the edge of their seat, with their visions each year flourishing. 

From the sound of the music to the occasional light show your mind is pumping and your eyes grow wider. The thought of the group of people who began this show then seeing it now would be shocking. The growth of the interest in auto industry has been substantial from the show, growing each year with publicity. It is meant to keep customers knowledgeable and flowing towards each company from Suzuki to Ford and thats exactly what it does. Giving each person the experience of a lifetime because each show is different and each day has a new activity.

The NAIAS is for adults and children, you will often see kids coming in groups for “field trips” or families coming in with little ones. Some companies will even have balloons or small toys for the kids as well as totes or informational packets for the adults. There are food and drinks offered in the up and downstairs levels of the Detroit show at Cobo Hall. The NAIAS offers an experience you wont forget, like the feeling of opening up that bag of peanuts on opening day or casting out the first line of the year!

The Ultimate #couplegoals of 2017

Obsessed with Michelle and Barack? Aren’t we all! Their love seems to be real and timeless, hence the reason why they are at the top of everyone’s #couplegoals. From the way Barack looks at Michelle to the words he uses to compliment her, all make our hearts melt. Why do they melt our hearts you may ask yourself. The answer is as simple as wanting a beautiful relationship like theirs. One we can be proud of, one that seems more fun than work and full of positive experiences.  However it may seem, relationships take time especially to get to a point such as theirs. Im sure they have had their ups and downs in the beginning and the ups were higher and the downs were lower. They somehow still found a way to work through it all, taking each quarrel not as a negative experience but as a lesson. They took the time to slowly understand each others wants, needs and personality. Each day learning something new and different. Teaching each other how to comprise on the way situations are handled ideally from each others perspectives. With each day getting easier and easier!

Now I don’t t think their relationship is perfect all the time and neither should you. Don’t hold you or your loved one to that type of standard. Even when somethings get easier, others may get harder. Relationships are something that you will consistently be working on depending on what life throws at the two of you.

With that said we can make our own kind of perfect by always speaking highly of our loved ones. Regardless of the fight they started last week or the look you gave them yesterday. Try to start each day with openness, love and kindness. Offer to help them with a chore or get something done on their to do list that they haven’t got to yet. You may be surprised with the effects your effort will make.

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